Thursday, August 26, 2010

Regimental Organization

Hello everyone,
Let me introduce to you to the 33rd Kromaryan Regiment*. The regiment is organized into 31 companies. Below is my first mock-up of what it will look like on paper.

Regiment “A” Company
Staff Officers
“B” Company
“C” Company
“D” Company
Vehicle Recovery
“E” Company
“F” Company
Scholastica Psycana
“G” Company
Mechanized Infantry
“H” Company
Mechanized Infantry
“I” Company
Mechanized Infantry
“J” Company
Mechanized Infantry
“K” Company
Airborne Infantry
“L” Company
Airborne Infantry
“M” Company
Airborne Infantry
“N” Company
Airborne Infantry
“O” Company
Light Infantry
“P” Company
Combat Engineers
“Q” Company
Defense Infantry
“R” Company
Defense Infantry
“S” Company
“T” Company
“U” Company
“V” Company
“W” Company
“X” Company
“Y” Company
“Z” Company
Super-Heavy Detachment
“ZA” Storm Trooper Company “ZB” Storm Trooper Company “ZC” “Gorilla” Company “ZD” Autegan Ranger Company “ZZ” *Classified*

Already, there are some things that will have to be changed around, while several things will be added. By my count, the way things are written ATM, the regiment will consist of 13, 500 men and 1, 807 vehicles, not including Imperial Navy Support. Now, if anyone is asking where would they get Navy Support, that, as well as many other questions will be answered with time, as I will be posting my short stories on my blog as well. Hopefully, by that point, someone will be following my blog. ;)
Thanks for looking.
*Originally supposed to be the 33rd Krassian Regiment (hence the nickname), but after reading Dan Abnetts “The Saint” omnibus, where they were described as a newly founded group of regiments from the Sabbat Cluster, I changed it, as the background that I had thought up for them was drastically different. Still, a bow to Mr. Abnett for another stunning piece of literature, I’ll just work my way around it as best as I can.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Update...

What was supposed to be several days turned into several months of hard work in adverse conditions for little pay and no career advancement. Yep, you guessed it, today's army is little different from the one in the 41st millennium. So let me start with introductions.

My name is Nick. I live and work in Canada, which is where the polar bears live, according to our southern cousins. I got into this hobby back in middle school and haven't looked back since. Originally, I was an avid Empire player, but since then have migrated over to 40K as my game of choice. Although, truth be told, seeing those fantastic new Island of Blood minis, I very well may find myself back in Fantasy. Time will tell.

For 40K, my main army is Imperial Guard. Roughly 8, 000 points of it, about a quarter of it painted, none in a way that I like. This blog is my attempt to properly catalog the process of painting and getting them to the tabletop. Now, I warn all in advance, I am a tediously slow painter, so to remedy that, I will be using the washes and easy drybrushing techniques to speed it up.

In several days I will post my regiments history, as well as what I have completed thus far and what I am working on, both for the tabletop and several other writing based projects. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the Elysian artwork. Have a good one.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello all. This blog is still very much in the works. Please allow some time to get everything in order.